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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Tree Blues: A suggestion

I will confess my shame. I had taken my decorations off a couple of weeks ago, but my tree from Christmas/Yule just came down yesterday. I needed Paul's help to do it, and he has been out of town with work (and doing other things).

My mother visited with me as I helped him take it down. "I wish we could keep the trees up all year," she lamented.

I shared an idea with her that I am surprised some big wig at Hallmark hasn't thought of. It is something that I have been bouncing around for a long time in my mind. Why don't we leave the trees up all year? We could change the decorations to make them applicable to different times of the year. Hearts ornaments at Valentine's day, Eggs at Easter/Ostara, small framed pictures of the kids for their birthdays, Flags on the 4th of July,the list goes on... You could always change the color lights for the different holidays as well.

If you like a live tree, or if you don't have room for the big tree all year, why not get a small potted one?

As we were putting the tree in the box, my daughters came down the stairs saying, "I thought we were leaving the tree up this year?!" I told them that I would do a blog post on it in hopes of starting a grass roots movement. :)

Thanks for sharing my whimsy. What do you think? Is there a future for a 4th of July tree?

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