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Monday, May 21, 2012

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

I visit a village of cliff dwelling spirits often when I journey.  The terracotta structures are inhabited by laughing and playing children, healthy and happy people who are young and old, and guardian ancestors who are stoic and all knowing.  My teacher Miriam lives there, too.   She doesn't live in the bustle of the village, but nearby in a little adobe house that is filled with lots of charm and with the warmth her shining persona.  She is stout and grandmotherly, with a couple of silver braids over her shoulders.  She has a glowing round face, a loud carefree laugh, and a shrill shouting cry every time she sees me coming.  She tells me to move my feet more.  She laments that I don't visit her often enough and sometimes fall asleep before our conversations are finished.  She tells me how well she loves me, and how proud she is of me.  She is wise; yet very humbly so. 

There are men who wear eagle masks and feathers that dance on the cliffs at all times.  When I first went there, I asked the teacher who took me why they did this.  He said they danced for the joy of doing it, and for the love that this put into the world.  I learned from my teacher here in ordinary reality that there were shaman in many parts of the world that lived a life of joy separate from society for the same reason.  They visualize love and live a life of joy because this is a powerful gift to the planet and all who live on her.  This intrigues me very much.

When I first met Miriam, about a year and a half ago, she shared a huge truth with me.  When she told me,  I could not fathom how big the truth was, and have I discover more depth to it as time goes on.  She told me that the times we live in now are very exciting times because for the first time since the rise of man on our planet, there is more love than hate in the world.  She told me that love is the greatest of the faces of the Creator.  When darkness begins to lose power,it gets angry.  It lashes out and looks for ways to make it seem more powerful.  This action only adds to the love in the long run.  She said in times like these it is very important to put more love out into the world.  She revealed to me that, "Love powers the fusion of stars." 

The dancers of the ridge have a lesson for us all.  It is very important for us to focus on love and joy in our lives because those things that we give our attention to multiply.  If we are focused on the negative aspects of our lives, "Those things we resist, persist." 

I have also been reminded several times lately that no one's capacity to love, or indeed their method of expressing that love is the same.  The majority of people love the best way they know how to.  It is not our responsibility to change our love that we freely give to meet the needs of another if it compromises our self respect, or our free will.  In kind, when others love us we can trust in our hearts that they are loving us in the same way.  The choices we have come in the ways we react to the love we are given. 

In example, I love my daughters with all my heart, and I make every attempt to be the best mother I can be.  It is not my fault when they view my love as falling short.  My daughters love me with all their hearts, and it is not their fault that their capacity to express that love doesn't always fulfill my needs.  In situations of romantic love we are all searching for someone who can accept and be fulfilled by the love we have to give, and in return be happy with the love they receive from us.  We must all love ourselves enough to set our limits and to respect the needs of our own hearts when it comes to having our needs met by those we love.

We are all fighting a hard battle; healing wounded hearts and expressing ourselves in the best way we can.   There is no blame.  There is no guilt.  The love we all feel for each other is imperfect, and yet part of something so powerful that it powers the very fusion of the stars.  We are all infinitely loved by our Creator, by the ancestors and beloved ones who walk with us through our waking and sleeping journeys. 

The future may seem uncertain to us, but you can put your trust in the love flowing to us at every moment.  You are precious.  The joy and love you feel in your heart makes the world a better place and lifts us all up.   Know it in your heart.  It is the truth.  We are all one.