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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Revelations about Power

Hi all,
Sorry for the length of time since my last post. It wasn't that I had nothing to say, I just felt trepidation about saying it. I feel very moved by spirit to share with you all what was shared with me today about power.

I had my Shamanism class today with my wonderful teacher Carla Meeske and all the very talented and special women who take the class with me. It is a high point of every week for me. Today we journeyed to ask a teacher three questions about Power. Actually we were told to ask two of the three, but I asked all three because I had time and why not?

The drumming started and my journey began. No power animal met me in nature as is usual; Raphael met me himself. We went to a place similar to another I had traveled to recently. It was through space to another planet. On this planet (or orb) was a huge tower. He spoke to me as we visited this tower. I asked the following questions and he told me to write down what he said.

What is power?
"Power is Love
Love is Power
Power is Balance
It is opening doors and knowing when to close them
Power is Freedom
Freedom is love and light and energy."

Where does power come from?
"Everywhere and Everything: Nowhere and Nothing"

my note: When he said this, I thought of a wonderful analogy that was made of the Goddess Kali at Daughters of the Moon a couple weekends ago. The woman who made it said, "Kali is the darkness you see when you close your eyes." I felt (for me, make your own interpretation) that he was saying the same thing about the origins of power. It is the origin of the dark pool of possibilities.

How does power help us heal?
"It enlightens us so that we may help ourselves.
It opens our eyes so that we may see that there is no separation between us and it.
It reveals illusion and illuminates truth."

I thanked Raphael for answering my questions and he embraced me very warmly, as is his way. He then looked me in the eyes and spoke to my soul. He told me that he loved me, and that in itself was everything. Then he kissed my third eye and sent me back to ordinary reality.

Carla asked me if I was going to write a song about this, and I just might do it. I have been thinking lately that it might be the best way to impart the things I am told in a medium that doesn't make me feel like a fruitcake. People expect songs to be cryptic and profound. It might be just the ticket. ;)

Love to you all!

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