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Monday, November 15, 2010

You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd


I sing this song in my head a lot. It is a silly little ditty, but it has a lot of wisdom. My wise Aunt Wanda used to tell me that, "Happiness is not a place you get to, it is just something you have to decide to be." I would tell her how happy I would be when I got through with school. I would tell her how happy I would be when I got a new car. She knew then, as I have learned through much trial and error, that happiness is not about acquiring new things. Happiness does not come from any one or any thing external to you: It comes from focusing on living right now and being thankful for every small thing you have.

I have a tendency to overdo things. I get bogged down with the many details and get overwhelmed at times, as I discussed in my last post. When I get a bee in my bonnet, or a new project brewing, I tend to want to throw money at it in lieu of energy. I am growing through this right now. I felt motivated to do a similar post to my last one this time around, so forgive the redundancies if you don't need this message. This post is mostly about intention, but I will touch on other things, too.

I am taking an on line course through Carla Meeske on Shamanism and Animal communication. It started today, and my first class went very well. I like being outdoors in beautiful weather and communing with nature, but I am more of an indoor person than an outdoor one. Still, I felt very strongly that the class was for me to take, and I am pleased that I did. I think it is going to be great for connecting with spirit in different ways, and in strengthening my intention when I heal.

One of the exercises that Carla wanted us to do in class required a rattle. She asked if we had a rattle, and held up her beautiful, handcrafted, Native American one. Part of me panicked a little. I immediately began to think about cruising Ebay and finding some beautiful one that spoke to me and worried how I would pay for it since Christmas is coming and I have already gone buck nuts. I had to smile inside and out when Carla said, "A box of mints works well. Whatever it is, it just needs to rattle to call in the spirits." I went and got an empty Diet Dr Pepper bottle, threw some beans I had in it and rattled away. The spirit was called by my makeshift rattle, and all was well. My pocketbook did not suffer. I got a warm and fuzzy feeling that spending money can't buy.

I have enjoyed reading books on Enochian Magick for years. Don't be scandalized; you all know I am a weirdo. I have never felt comfortable practicing the high magick though, largely because of the things I always read you needed as props. A table made of a certain kind of wood, with inlaid symbols made out of another kind of wood and a golden ring cast a certain way with a certain symbol on it. I have always talked to the Angels and spirits in my own way, and though the practice of traveling to different levels of consciousness to visit with these ethereal beings sounds wonderful, I felt out of my league.

I bought a few books by a man named Lon Milo Duquette, and was immediately refreshed by how down to earth he is. I thumbed through his book, "Enochian Vision Magick" and was openly tickled to see that he had a pattern for a paper ring to use in Enochian magick. His quote was, "If you can't make a real magick Ring out of paper, then you'll not be able to make one out of gold." The finery that surrounds anything is not what is important. It is the intention.

Take Willie Nelson's guitar for another example. I am sure you have all seen him play his old guitar with the hole worn in it. It is Willie's spirit, his comfortable nature, his musical chops and the love and energy he has put in his old guitar for so many years that make his distinctive music sound the way it does. It is not the physical grandeur of the guitar he plays. He is the real deal, and so is his old, beat up guitar. You can hear his heart when he plays. You can see his soul in his face and know that is where his music comes from. No amount of money can buy that.

In order to manifest anything, or to be happy if you are not, there must be a change in your consciousness that allows it. Winning the lottery does not make you happy (though there have been times in my life I thought it would be close enough for me). True change and growth has to be by right of consciousness. You have to be thankful for what you have and be happy with what you are given. Those things are the foundation for manifesting anything your heart can desire. Nothing you want can make you happy if you get it. Happiness is just something you have to decide to be. You can be happy in your life; right now, just as you are. You are enough.

Sorry if I got a little (or maybe a lot) preachy. I am not talking to any one of you, but I am speaking what is on my mind and in my spirit at the moment. These are the changes I am moving through. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas about this. I am going to look at rattles on Ebay. haha


  1. Amazing, Lori. Once again it seems you have looked deep within my soul to answer a burning question and put some things into perspective (or were you being guided by Spirit ^_^). *Sigh* For me, I think if I could get to “happy” everything would better, except my current job and the people I work with. They’re just fun-suckers. But I do know where “happy” exists…..and I’m trying to get there. *hugs*

  2. Hugs to you, Maria! There is a great CD and book (comes together) by Louise Hay called "You can do it." It isn't a high dollar thing, and it and "You can heal your life" changed my life. The cd I listened to in my car forever, and still do when I need an attitude adjustment. She just teaches you to use affirmations to change your life. It works. She isn't for everyone, but she sure helped me. I am continually praying for you my dear. Things will get better. I know it.